Yunfeng Group in development and growth

Yunfeng Industrial Development Group was founded in 2002 with a leased truck. At present, its original single-operator logistics company has formally developed and expanded into a diversified, multi-industry, multi-integration industrial development group. Currently, the headquarter of the group is located at No. 2008, Gangcheng Road, Pudong New Area, Shanghai. The group has 12 subsidiaries, including Internet of Things Technology Company, Bioengineering Company and Property Management Company.

I. Scale layout highlights advantages

At present, the company’s Yunfeng International Logistics (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. is a professional port logistics provider mainly engaged in container transportation, engaged in modern third-party integrated logistics business, under the jurisdiction of four logistics branches, engaged in warehousing, lifting, loading and unloading, lashing, sorting services; the other is equipped with more than 160 container trucks, 6 units of the establishment of the Transportation Company, the main focus of the professional port logistics transportation, according to the Shanghai Private According to the ranking of enterprises in Shanghai’s private port logistics industry, Yunfeng International Logistics (Shanghai) Co. Shanghai Camus Internet of Things Technology Co., Ltd. under the group, focuses on “Internet of Things + Points Mall + Crowdfunding Technology” C2F + P2C all-round new ecological Internet of Things platform. Ltd. specializes in the design, research, production and manufacturing of biopharmaceutical engineering equipment and software. Shanghai Jin Yue Automation Control System Co., Ltd. under the Group specializes in industrial automation instrumentation system manufacturing company. Shanghai Zhaofu Property Management Co., Ltd. under the Group, specializes in comprehensive property management services such as “four guarantees and one service”. Ltd. is a Sino-Korean joint venture specializing in the transportation of dangerous goods. Guizhou Dongzi Jiuye Trading Co., Ltd. under the Group is a large-scale company engaged in the production and sales of alcoholic beverages, as well as research, design and technology development. Yunfeng Supply Chain Management (Ningbo) Co., Ltd. under the Group, specializes in warehousing, in-plant, ocean freight and domestic transportation business, providing customers with “door-to-door” full logistics solutions. Shanghai Hongtong Communication Equipment Co., Ltd. under the Group, is a regional chain enterprise specializing in wholesale, retail and maintenance of communication and digital products and accessories. Jiangsu Yuantong Cable Co., Ltd. under the Group, specializes in the manufacture and sale of wires and cables, electronic products and circuit protectors, as well as import and export business. The Group’s Yuanfeng Logistics (Shanghai) Co., Ltd, specializing in international containers, special large cargo tie-up transportation.

2, complete qualification development fast

The strategic vision of Yunfeng Industrial Development Group: “Doing excellent industrial brand, building a hundred years of Yunfeng.” The trademark “Yunfeng” has been approved to be registered in the State Administration for Industry and Commerce, and 7 other trademarks have also been registered in the country. During the same period, the company passed IS09001;2015 national quality management system certification, IS014001:2015 environmental management system certification, occupational health and safety management system 0HSAS18001;2007 standard certification. 2020, the enterprise won the international logistics comprehensive service AAAA level enterprise qualification, became a member of Shanghai Freight Forwarders Association; became the U.S. ctpat anti-terrorism certification Shanghai Transportation and Communications Bureau. ctpat Counterterrorism Argumentation Shanghai Transportation Industry Association member and Shanghai Integrity Enterprise China Logistics Network member.

At present, the company is developing rapidly, and the strategies of scientific and technological innovation, capital operation and creation of new economic growth points are advancing simultaneously. in early 2020, the company cooperated with Shanghai UIS Communication Center to develop the Yunfeng logistics interconnected platform (GIT website and truck driver APP), and through effective integration of resources, it has established a convenient and fast business transaction. Yunfeng filled in the blank of dangerous goods transportation through the joint venture with South Korea Jiedong Logistics Co. During the same period, Yunfeng International cooperated with Shanghai Second University of Technology to research and develop domestic cargo distribution system, which is now in trial operation.

3. Humanity first to show responsibility

In the past 20 years since the establishment of the enterprise, Yunfeng, whether it is a small start or a group of companies of the present scale, has never been grateful to the society, thinking of giving back, insisting on the inheritance of the humanistic spirit, taking social responsibility to make a difference and embodying self-consciousness.

At present, the enterprise has an internal newspaper “Culture Yunfeng”, “Culture World” staff basketball team and the Four Seas Painting and Calligraphy Academy, which is determined to open up Yunfeng with culture, thus promoting the formation of “culture Yunfeng, vitality Yunfeng, and the development of Yunfeng” a good situation. Group companies under the jurisdiction of the cultural communication company, specializing in art planning, exchange and dissemination. The headquarter of the group company has more than 10 departments and organizations, such as General Manager’s Office, Finance Department, Human Resources Department, Safety, Quality and Security Department, Business Department, Legal Department, Party Branch and Youth League Branch. Since 2013, the company’s total economic output has been increasing by 30% to 40% per year, thus becoming one of the private enterprises in the same industry with complete organizational structure and rapid growth in total production and sales. Thus established in the new era under the leadership of Yunfeng Group and the national reform and development to maintain a high degree of consistency, always walking in the development of the concept of the road.

In June 2017, following up the national strategy of precise poverty alleviation, Yunfeng International formulated a five-year action plan for poverty alleviation and education assistance, and fixed Longsha Central Primary School in Wanzhou, Chongqing, assuming the education expenses for 20 impoverished students during the whole elementary school period. Moreover, during the sudden earthquake disasters in Yushu and Ludian, the whole staff donated money and goods, and sent love and care to the people in the disaster areas enthusiastically. Over the years, Yunfeng has always been an enthusiastic enterprise for regional blood donation, and the patriotic bases such as the nearest old people’s homes and martyrs’ cemeteries are always the places and fronts for Yunfeng’s party and group organizations to dedicate themselves to love and carry out ideological education.

For 20 years since its establishment, Yunfeng Group has been taking the pursuit of excellence and quality as its own responsibility, and the company’s business philosophy is: diversified operation, specialized management and scientific development. Focusing on the future, Yunfeng Group consciously regards sustainable development as a decisive factor in building a century-long foundation of a well-known publicized company, and environmentally friendly and sustainable development has become the company’s major policy. Following the title sponsorship of the first national reverse logistics design competition in 2017, 2021, Yunfeng Group has become the design competition for the fifth consecutive year as a wholly-owned title sponsor, calling on the whole society, the whole of humanity to advocate the green cycle of sustainable development, to make a little contribution to a better life for mankind, 2020, 2021, the People’s Daily made a report respectively.

4. Responding to the call for shared prosperity

Since the establishment of the central government on the implementation of the common prosperity strategy development goals, the Group has repeatedly organized the company’s management staff to learn and understand, in a timely manner according to the existing conditions to do what can be done as much as possible, adhere to the low-carbon environmental protection and the road of sustainable development, accumulation of small victories into a big victory, and constantly lead us towards the goal of the common prosperity of the progress. Down-to-earth, long-term success, the company has put the promotion of common prosperity in a more prominent position, towards diversification, internationalization, multi-industry, standardization, intelligence, multi-integration, as well as build a good platform, bigger cake, a good share of the cake, to lead the practice of long-termism, to achieve the goal of everlasting success of the foundation of the company to be more positive and active in the efforts. Company leaders also make good use of personal information resources and contacts, docking with the government and relevant organizations, and enjoy participating in investment promotion work and have achievements and gains.