1、express transportation of whole truckloads (e.g. between airport and city)
Specialized car service, door-to-door direct delivery, the entire high-speed, not through the transit
Door-to-door transportation services can be individually customized according to customer requirements
Shipping time between major centers is 2-3 days
2-5 days for cities and counties
2、Road LTL
Has a nationwide highway express transportation network; …
Provide pickup and delivery services in 200 cities nationwide with station-to-station transportation;
Provide economical and practical nationwide standard LTL road transportation services;
Transportation time between major centers is 2-4 days, 3-6 days for cities and counties
3、Efficient distribution
Utilizing distribution centers for regional resource integration to achieve a city-wide distribution network at the lowest possible cost
Through the division of regional warehouse operation, shorten the distribution radius, improve the distribution efficiency, reduce distribution costs .