The company is engaged in container import and export door/door trailer transportation, domestic trade import and export business, customs supervision white card transportation, large engineering business transportation, steel coil and steel plate self-transportation and self-unloading distribution business, dangerous goods container business transportation, domestic LTL distribution service and so on. The company has more than 120 container trucks, with a complete range of vehicles, including more than 30 newly purchased LNG new energy vehicles, and more than 100 mobilizable social honesty capacity vehicles, ranging from 10 tons to 45 tons. The vehicles are in good condition, all equipped with Beidou positioning system, driver training on duty, skillful operation, communication system configuration high-end complete, timely and convenient contact, warm and thoughtful service.

There are more than 30 managers in the department. According to the business needs of different customers, the company takes the internal management mode of sub-departmental management, so far, the transportation department is “one department, two departments, three departments, Yangshan division and dangerous goods division”, in line with the “customer first, service first” business philosophy, to provide Safe, fast, convenient and satisfactory logistics services. Do one-to-one business tracking management, fine management, service first.

All the trucks of our company are equipped with Beidou dual-mode satellite tachograph, which has the ability to accurately locate the position of the vehicle, the driving direction, the driving speed and effective scheduling, and guarantee the timely delivery of the goods to the destination; it can be accessed to monitor the vehicle’s journey, track record playback and analysis; it can be accurately navigated through the Beidou positioning system to improve the transportation efficiency.

Cargo insurance for logistics transportation