A hundred years of Yunfeng dream pursuer

Shanghai has always been a parade ground for the successful, especially with the reform and development process in Pudong, how many people at home and abroad harbor five-color dreams, and write an unusual life story with the fire of youth in this hot land. Looking back at their success, behind their glory, are written all the way through the hardships and tribulations. As a son of Anhui Tianchang, now, Dong Bin, Dong Ping brothers and his name Yunfeng International Logistics, based on this, not only for the hometown already thick history added a page of extra-territorial entrepreneurial legend, and the hometown of the father and the old man is more pleased that the Dong brothers in the many years of shopping malls have never lost themselves, consistently adhere to the culture-based, the right way to rule the enterprise, a very good inheritance of the history of Huizhou merchants of the backbone and the spirit. spirit.

The foundation of Yunfeng is laid

Shanghai Pudong Waigaoqiao, Yunfeng International Logistics has set up camp here for more than ten years. Initially started in 2002, the Dong brothers only rely on a rented set of trucks, began to run their own transportation business. Rushing from day to night, going to the yard, going to the terminal, looking for customers, tight shipping, Pudong around the tireless footsteps of the Dong brothers printed everywhere. No bad habits, nothing to do with the wind and snow, all the way to the car, all the way to buy a car, by 2006, the Dong brothers have owned 22 various types of transportation vehicles. Initial foothold, Yunfeng foundation. Just a beginning, the wings just abundant Yunfeng two brothers’ eyes coincidentally cast to the road ahead.

In the entire logistics chain, running transportation, although it is one of the indispensable links, but the threshold is not high is also an indisputable fact. If you want to take a place in the logistics industry, non-storage.

The two brothers hit it off immediately. Yunfeng real sense of scale entrepreneurship since then opened a new page.

In 2007, the Dong brothers rented 15 acres of land in Pudong Gao Dong Town as a logistics depot. Unexpectedly out of the blue, first the industry and commerce department came to their door, they received complaints from the surrounding residents that the noise from the entry and exit of vehicles, loading and unloading was affecting the normal life of the residents, therefore, the Dong brothers were asked to rectify the situation immediately. Despite the timetable set out, but because of the contract in the first place, Yunfeng’s business could not really stop for a while. So, the District People’s Congress also sent officers to the scene, and even made an exposure in the media …… In this way, do not stop also have to stop. In June to September of that year, four months, the Dong brothers direct economic losses amounted to more than 800,000 yuan. This is just starting Yunfeng, is undoubtedly a heavy blow. In the face of the harsh reality, the brothers fell into a long contemplation.

Whether to turn back to engage in relatively simple container transportation, or continue to develop the world of logistics, has become the Dong brothers must make a choice. Dong Bin said, we can not lie down; Dong Ping said, backwater, there is no way back. They firmly believe that the logistics market outlook is favorable. Since the original site selection is not well thought out, then, as a lesson for the war in a different place, do not believe that the logistics industry can not hit a piece of the river. So, they took the relatively remote location of the Linghai Road warehouse site. The whole 20 acres of land, 2 million annual rent like a mountain hanging in front of the brothers. For this reason, they resolutely sold 5 cars. With the site, built the warehouse, but also add equipment, a crane 3 million, where does the money come from? They also put the property as a mortgage. In retrospect, then also too bold, if this time also miscalculated, they really are “on no tile, no place to stand”. The company’s website has been updated with the latest information about the company’s products and services.

Really to the edge, that is, in early 2008, a huge snowstorm came, and at this juncture, the crane’s engine is broken, the site of the container piled up to 4-storey high, the customer does not care that you have such and such objective reasons, ran to point at the nose of the Dong brothers scolded. Customers anxious, the two brothers more anxious, they have been in contact with all over the world, finally rented two 100-ton car cranes, a day’s rent of 30,000 yuan, the staff for three days and three nights in a row, Dong’s brothers also three days and three nights without closing their eyes …… wind stops, the snow cleared up, the box was transported away one by one. Standing in the thick snow, the brothers have mixed feelings. Can’t help but tear up!

Humanity as the basis for cohesion

A hard work a gain. As a professional engaged in modern third-party integrated logistics enterprises, Yunfeng was founded more than ten years, adhere to the integrity, complete service, and constantly develop the logistics space, in the community and the industry has won a certain degree of visibility and reputation.

At present, Yunfeng has the most advanced transportation tools and management facilities in China, and the company’s employees are the valuable assets for Yunfeng to create social wealth and realize the value of life. The company consists of more than 20 departments such as Port City Warehouse, Laiyang Warehouse, Yangshan Warehouse, Jiading Warehouse, Waigaoqiao Transportation Department 1, 2, 3, Yangshan Transportation Department, Business Department, Comprehensive Business Department and Marketing Department, etc., with an area of 70,000 square meters of internal warehouses and an area of more than 90,000 square meters of external warehouses. There are more than 120 transportation vehicles, including more than 40 LNG new energy trucks, and more than 200 container trailers of various sizes.

With the expansion of the company’s scale, the total number of employees is also increasing day by day, most of them come from provinces other than Shanghai. Having met each other before, the Dong brothers naturally have a special closeness to them, and naturally have a special care for them.

There are two phrases that the Dong brothers have long been talking about, one of which is: “Without employees, how can there be Yunfeng?”

They will not forget the year from the high east transfer to the Linghai staff do not leave that perseverance, the same will not forget in that year, the mega-snowstorm staff fought for three days and three nights only to fight, even in recent years into the Division of those young people, is not the same as in the pursuit of Yunfeng and dedication to Yunfeng the spirit of Yunfeng? “Reasoning is peace of mind, line repair and name standing”. The brothers wrote their own couplets, always reminding themselves that the development of the enterprise relies on the full support of the staff, without them, nothing will be accomplished. Enterprise development, only wholeheartedly do a good job of the staff life “after care” all kinds of minutiae, only to stand up to the group to tide over the difficulties of the workers, only to stand up to the community of Yunfeng proud of “Yunfeng is a family” expectations.

Today, every warehouse in Yunfeng has a staff dormitory, each staff dormitory is full of flooring, air conditioning, TV, everything. Next month, the new production of a unified style of double-decker iron beds will also be a comprehensive update of the original beds, tables, nightstands, shoe cabinets and so on are compared to the indoor area configuration, in order to let the employees of Yunfeng live with dignity, thus enhancing the staff of the enterprise is a home identity! Employees turn over three shifts, the cafeteria supplies four meals, one of which is a night snack, all free supplies. Speaking of which is really warm, once, General Manager Dongbin heard a reflection, said an employee does not do the night shift, also went to eat the night snacks. The general manager just smiled, understandingly said: probably something to sleep late, no snacks around, go to the cafeteria to fill a hunger is also understandable. Some managers therefore suggested that the cafeteria dining card to avoid the phenomenon of dilly-dallying. He also said with a smile: to be willing to give employees to eat, eat to have the strength. Strangely enough, his words spread, not only did not promote the phenomenon of dilly-dallying, on the contrary, so that employees have a more conscious, a self-discipline.

Spring Festival is a traditional Chinese festival, and the pre-holiday get-together is a tradition in Yunfeng. More than 40 tables full of reunion dinner, hot atmosphere, there are delicious and beautiful talk: recognition, awards, performances, lucky draw, who do not say I Yunfeng good! After eating the company’s reunion dinner, returning to their hometowns to celebrate the New Year has become a must for field employees. To buy a ticket in the peak of homecoming is a difficult thing. And Yunfeng employees simply do not need to worry about this, because the company early from Tianchang home travel company chartered the “big gold dragon” to, “Yunfeng Spring Festival special train” will be a hundred and ten employees one by one to Henan, Shandong, Jiangsu and Anhui. Before the departure, there is a send-off ceremony, Dong’s brothers personally came to the scene to send bonuses, gift packages, blessings ……

Another saying that Dong Bin often says is: “Being a human being is a lifelong endeavor.” This sentence contains two meanings, the first is self-motivation, requiring himself to learn for life. In the long-term business activities, he certainly accumulated extremely valuable experience, but in line with the international logistics, he deeply felt his lack of theoretical knowledge, he has a sense of worry: people must always learn, everywhere learning, if you relax the learning, at any time may lose the original value, status, he must make up for this lesson. 2012, he went to Shanghai Jiaotong University Overseas College for EMBA, learning supply chain management. EMBA, learning supply chain management, and then, in order to enhance their overall quality, and enrolled in the Chinese class, painting and calligraphy class; at the same time, he also strongly encouraged his brother, the company chairman Dong Ping to Shanghai Jiaotong University to learn financing management, and then, then go to the president class ……

Then there is his reluctance to require employees to have career development. Employees have career development, the need for enterprises to build a platform. This year, by the Shanghai Logistics Association’s recommendation, the Dong brothers for the enterprise management personnel reported 10 senior logistician, 20 intermediate logistician training quota. They said that the enterprise should be responsible for the staff’s whole life, and in this regard to train Yunfeng’s own senior logistician.

This is the vision of looking into the horizon – Yunfeng to become a modern enterprise, have to have their own senior management team with specialized knowledge; this is the pattern of the development of the industry, Yunfeng to become a modern logistics backbone, have to be on the whole beyond the peer’s resources and strength.

Stronger and bigger to move forward

In recent years, Yunfeng has calmly responded to the market challenges, and step by step walked out of a road of development belonging to itself. The diversification of service items and business means enables Yunfeng to more fully meet the customer’s bulk business transportation needs, and can provide customers with business program planning, undertake all kinds of oversized special cargo transportation and large ticket heavy container transportation, empty container short barge business, etc., but also according to customer needs to provide a diversified high-end cargo transportation services, such as international containerized cargo transportation, warehousing, loading and unloading, consolidation, construction machinery, foreign aid projects, as well as value-added services such as cargo scanning, labeling and selection. ……

For the logistics industry as a whole, 2015 is a year full of variables and challenges, the face of a less prosperous environment, Yunfeng did not complain, but fully mobilize and explore the strength and wisdom of the team, and realistically to find and look for operational blind spots, and solidly in the cultivation of the enterprise’s internal strength up and down the real efforts to promote the development of the reform measures introduced since the second quarter of 2015, Yunfeng transformation and development to build a modern logistics combination of intensive appearances, the pace of reform more and more: in April, the new marketing department began to build a professional team to make scientific and in-depth investigation of the market, development and research. Yunfeng transformation and development to create a combination of modern logistics intensive debut, the pace of reform faster and faster: in April, Yunfeng built a new marketing department, began to build a professional team to make scientific and in-depth investigation of the market, development and research, the importance of the market as a guide to the actual use of data to speak, in order to promote the company’s business development and transformation and development; in June, the company up and down the management in particular, once again, the mind In June, after the company up and down, especially the management of the brain storm, and finally in the meeting of all middle-level cadres to determine the direction of the development of Yunfeng in the next five years and business restructuring program, which established the characteristics of the overall business model will focus on highlighting the business advantages in the large engineering projects, high-end cargo turnover loading and unloading, self-assembled boxes, suitcases, pick-ups value-added business and three-dimensional shelves, such as cargo warehousing and other businesses, as well as green transportation services, and so on, and this is the main Business direction; in July, the company also invested a huge amount of money, positioning the world’s top ten third-party logistics service providers as the main service customers in the future, the creation of a new warehouse with a total area of 12,000 square meters of Yangshan Warehouse, and mobilized a number of young backbone of the business, the development of a new type of warehousing management system, at present, a new modern management mode of operation of the Yangshan Warehouse has been realized in the paperless operation, began to enter into normal operation. into normal operation.

Yunfeng has gone through the stormy times for more than ten years. At present, Yunfeng has been assessed as “Triple-A China Logistics Enterprise” by China National Federation of Logistics and Purchasing; the declaration of “Shanghai Famous Trademark” has been approved to be submitted.

At present, standing on the high ground of enterprise development, Yunfeng Logistics forward direction is ironclad, and the goal is already very clear – to take advantage of the national major strategy of “One Belt, One Road” Express, and do our best to build a modern logistics enterprise, and become a modern logistics backbone with the national strategy. To become a modern logistics backbone in line with the national strategy to connect with the world, and to accomplish Yunfeng’s century-long foundation.

Hundred years of business needs to be matched with the spirit of enterprise as a pillar, at present, Yunfeng Dong brothers set many years of experience and experience in doing business, fully aware of the spirit of enterprise and enterprise culture cultivation is an imminent project. When innovation-driven, transformational development has become the norm of social development, when the spiritual world of the enterprise staff and values more colorful, it is necessary to refresh and optimize the original corporate culture, on the basis of inheritance, to form a new core culture as a leader to strengthen the collective identity and belonging to enhance the core competitiveness of enterprises. To this end, they specially invited a once in a large state-owned enterprises specializing in cultural propaganda “old master”, to carry out the Yunfeng corporate culture of the first combing. Including target identification and visual identification, including the development of cultural activities and the creation of Yunfeng development history showroom, as well as aiming at the modern enterprise objectives of the establishment of rules and regulations and so on. At present, Yunfeng has set up a party branch, group branch, for the hometown sons of the political, high awareness, Tianchang Municipal Party Committee Standing Committee, Organization Minister Li Jihonghai specially on behalf of the party organization rushed to Shanghai to congratulate and encourage.

Yunfeng started in Shanghai, which is the leader of the trend, based on the front of the East China Sea, directly facing the vastness of the ocean, from here, Yunfeng’s service, Yunfeng’s image has begun to spread and gradually formed an inherent symbol. Believe in the future, believe in self, but also believe in the country’s development strategy, business road is long, abide by the integrity of the business approach of Yunfeng has been and a hundred years of opportunity to connect the good karma. The Dong brothers said that the road is under our feet to become bigger and stronger!