Yunfeng Industrial Development Group: Starting from a container truck leased at the beginning of 2002, Yunfeng Industrial Development Group has developed from a single-operator logistics company to a group company with more than 10 subsidiaries such as Internet of Things Science and Technology Company, Bio-engineering Company, Property Management Company, Automation Control System Company, Cultural Communication Company, Comprehensive Trade Company, etc., with an annual output value of more than 5 billion RMB. The headquarter of the company is located in Shanghai Pudong Harbor City Road No. 2008, in which the private port logistics business, has been ranked among the top three in Shanghai. The company focuses on strengthening the party branch, the group branch construction and enterprise culture construction, for five consecutive years wholly sponsored by the National University Reverse Logistics Design Competition, “People’s Daily” has twice made a report, received a very good educational and social effects.

“Make excellent industrial brand, build a hundred years of Yunfeng”. Since the implementation of the goal of common prosperity by the central government, the company has been actively working towards the goal of “building a good platform, making a bigger cake and sharing the cake”.