On the morning of February 26, Yang Xiaoxi, deputy director of Municipal Transportation Commission, led Cai Jingyan, deputy director of Municipal Road Transportation Bureau, Gu Jianfeng, director of Municipal Transportation Commission’s Comprehensive Transportation Division, etc. to visit Yunfeng International to check the implementation of the resumption of work and production and the prevention and control of epidemics, and convened a seminar to guide the next step of work.

After listening to the report of Yunfeng International President Dong Bin, Yang Xiaoxi, deputy director of Yunfeng International in the epidemic prevention and control and the resumption of production measures taken to give full affirmation, asked in detail about the difficulties and problems faced by the enterprise at present, on the proposed rent reduction and waiver, scrapping of vehicle subsidies, the enterprise special vehicle refueling difficulties and other issues, some of the answers were given on the spot, and some of the problems said to bring back to study the solution. The company’s current work Yang Xiaoxi, deputy director of the three requirements:

1. we must thoroughly implement the Shanghai Municipality to promote the prevention and control of the new crown pneumonia epidemic and economic and social development work in an integrated manner the spirit of the TV and telephone conference, to unify thoughts and actions to the decision-making and deployment of the Party Central Committee. One hand to grasp the epidemic prevention and control, one hand to grasp the resumption of work, effective prevention and control of the epidemic is a prerequisite for stabilizing economic development is the key to maintaining social stability is the bottom line; to implement the main responsibility of the enterprise, we must have a more practical style, a stronger commitment, a greater role, to ensure that the epidemic control and prevention and economic and social development of the two hands, both without fail, both to promote.

2. the implementation of precise prevention and control strategies, and orderly promotion of the resumption of work and production. To implement the “external anti-importation, internal anti-proliferation” strategy, the prevention and control of the epidemic in the logistics field to implement regular management, responsibility to the person to the post, and never slacken off, to prevent the risk of agglomeration, the logistics transport vehicles, freight drivers and accompanying personnel control should be strictly in accordance with the Municipal Transportation Commission, “on the prevention and control of the epidemic during the protection of the normal logistics transportation in the city area The spirit of the “Notice on Related Work during the Epidemic Prevention and Control Period” should be implemented; we should strictly implement the condition management and filing system, organize the return of workers to their jobs in an orderly manner, open up the blockage points of the flow of people and logistics, and promote the collaborative resumption of work and production in all segments of the industrial chain.

3. we should actively study and strive for the implementation of the relevant policies of the State and Shanghai Municipality to benefit enterprises. In order to help small and medium-sized enterprises to tide over the difficulties, the state and the Shanghai Municipality introduced a series of financial, tax, financial and other support policies, the precise implementation of the “reduction, exemption, deferral, refund, supplement” and other measures to alleviate and relieve the difficulties, the company should organize staff to seriously study, take the initiative to declare, and actively strive for the implementation of the policy landing, and effectively help the enterprise to reduce the pressure, tide over the difficulties.

Deputy Director Yang Xiaoxi hopes that Yunfeng International will give full play to the leadership role of the management and the fortress role of the Party branch of Yunfeng, strengthen the ideological propaganda and education of the staff, enhance the education of safety production after the resumption of work, enhance the heart of victory, responsibility, benevolence and prudence, take the initiative to play a role and act positively, so as to make our city always have a warm temperature and vitality; we should encourage all the staff to be firm in the belief of victory, turn pressure into motivation, bite the bullet, overcome the difficulties and make contributions to the economic and social development in an orderly manner. We should encourage all employees to firmly believe in victory, turn pressure into motivation, bite the bullet, overcome difficulties, resume work and production in an orderly manner, and make due contributions in economic and social development.

Leaders of Shanghai Municipal Transportation Industry Association Container Road Transportation Branch and relevant personnel of Yunfeng International Headquarters also attended the seminar report.