In the afternoon of February 15, Li Shuxun, deputy secretary of Pudong Construction and Transportation Committee, Wang Weibe, director of Transportation Department, Chen Yanjun, director of Pudong Transportation Management Bureau, Song Yuhua, deputy director of the Bureau and other leaders came to the base of Yunfeng International Gangcheng Road in the rain to investigate and guide the prevention and control of epidemic and the resumption of work and production work of the enterprise, accompanied by the president of Yunfeng International, Dong Bin, and general manager of the Transportation Company and general manager of the Hong Kong Branch, have viewed the company’s entry and exit road entrance, the public Site and the company’s office building epidemic prevention and control, and listened to a report in the company’s headquarters office building.

Company President Dong Bin to the research group to report on the company’s prevention and control of the specific situation and the current work, he said, the new crown pneumonia epidemic, the company’s leadership attaches great importance to, according to the overall requirements of the state and the Shanghai Municipality, the company immediately set up a prevention and control of the leadership group on January 26, the main leaders of the branches are required to all to the post, the headquarters organs and the establishment of emergency response leadership group of the branches, and the deployment of specialists to develop the epidemic prevention and control system, the responsibility to the people to the post to implement group prevention and control. Responsibility to the person to the post, the implementation of group prevention and control. Through the video conference to organize the company’s leadership to seriously study General Secretary Xi Jinping’s important instructions on resolutely winning the battle against the epidemic prevention and control, put the staff’s life safety and health in the first place, the prevention and control of the epidemic as the company’s current top priority and the most important work, focusing on the adoption of five major measures:

I. Strict control and closed management of all production bases.

In addition to leaving an import and export, all other roads into and out of the closed, the entrance to arrange security personnel on the company’s staff and in and out of the vehicle registration record, to carry out identity information, temperature testing, access time and other detailed records, do a good job of the basic aspects of data collection, strict gate pass, look after the door.

2. all measures have been taken to improve environmental health in the closed field area.

Daily disinfection and sterilization of office buildings, canteens, fields and other public places, all employees enter public places consciously wear masks, consciously accept the body temperature test, and work to maintain a moderate distance; organization and implementation of staggered commuting to and from work, the implementation of rotating work, and the conditions of the promotion of home office, online office; the implementation of time-sharing meals, dispersed meals, packaged meals, and do not share cutlery.

3. Implementing precise personnel control, information registration and health management.

For employees living in Hubei and those who have contact with Hubei, they are asked not to return to Shanghai temporarily after the vacation; they are required to register the employees who return to Shanghai and do a good job in the personnel information daily system, and the employees who return to Shanghai must be quarantined at home for 14 days before they are permitted to go to their workplace; they are asked to do a good job of self-protection for the employees who live in Shanghai, and they are asked to report the occurrence of any abnormalities to the company and to their communities in a timely manner.

4.Strengthening logistical support.

The Logistics and Procurement Department makes every effort to ensure the supply of masks and disinfectant solution, to achieve regular management, and to make emergency plans and relevant material reserves.

5. effectively do a good job of psychological counseling of employees.

The main person in charge of each department, each branch, each team, use the network and other means to carry out health propaganda and education to all employees, guide employees to correctly view the epidemic prevention and control work, identify network information, do not believe in rumors, do not spread rumors, do not create rumors; the company headquarters organs and the Yunfeng International Party branch to all employees to publish the company’s epidemic prevention and control of the situation, calling on all employees to unite as one and overcome the difficulties together; on the basis of the epidemic prevention and control, actively make preparations before resumption of work, strictly implement the resumption of work reporting system, safe and orderly resumption of work and production. On the basis of prevention and control of the epidemic, the company actively made preparations before resumption of work, strictly implemented the system of resumption of work reporting, and resumed work and production in a safe and orderly manner.

The leaders of the research group fully affirmed the achievements made by Yunfeng International in epidemic prevention and control, and put forward three requirements for the current work of the company:

(a) continue to consolidate the results, and further grasp, scrutinize and implement them.

Currently is still the key stage of epidemic prevention and control, grasp the prevention and control, anti-epidemic is a hard task, to caution all staff, especially the management, resolutely overcome the laxity and paralysis and the mentality of chance, the implementation of the implementation of scientific and rational, accurate and effective prevention and control initiatives, and constantly improve and optimize the prevention and control work.

(b) make good preparations for the resumption of work and production, safe and orderly resumption of work and production.

Grasp production, promote development is the hard truth, but in the case of the conditions are not fully equipped can not be hastily resumed production, according to the development of the epidemic situation and the enterprise’s own management level, epidemic prevention and control capabilities, to ensure that preventive and control measures are in place, the strict implementation of the resumption of work reporting system, safe and orderly resumption of production.

(c) Doing a good job of publicizing, educating and guiding public opinion.

To further strengthen the publicity and education of the company’s employees and psychological guidance, to overcome anxiety, fear, grasp the leading, growing positive energy; through strong confidence, warm hearts, gathering people’s hearts, people’s stability, business stability, better maintenance of social stability, in order to win the epidemic prevention and control of blocking the war with the conviction of victory.

President Dong Bin, on behalf of all the staff of Yunfeng International leaders in their busy schedules to visit the front line of research and guidance work to express my heartfelt thanks, which fully reflects the party and the government attaches great importance to private enterprises and concern, in the company is facing great difficulties and pressures to send us warmth, and further inspire the fighting spirit, strengthened the belief that the company up and down the whole team with one heart and one mind have the confidence and determination to do a good job of work, to maintain a sustained The company is confident and determined to do a good job and maintain a sustained fighting force to make due contribution to the stable economic and social development.